Neo founder, Da Hongfei, revealed Flamingo, a new Neo-based full-stack decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol. Under incubation by Neo Global Development (NGD), Flamingo is tentatively expected to begin rolling out in September 2020, with features such as a cross-chain asset gateway, automated market making (AMM)-based swaps, synthetic stablecoins, and AMM-based perpetual trading contracts.

The Flamingo DeFi protocol will be comprised of five components: Wrapper, Swap, Vault, Perp, and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Together, Da hopes these components will enable Flamingo to “eventually [realize] the support of comprehensive cross-chain transfers, reward mining, swap transactions, liquidity pool construction, liquidity supply incentives, stablecoin mint, and perpetual contracts.”

The Neo blockchain is now accessible via the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) following its Global Portal launch in August 2020. NGD has shared a step-by-step guide for starting a project on the network, which allows users to integrate with Neo nodes on both MainNet and TestNet.

NGD announced the development of Neo blockchain integration with the open-source Rosetta standard. Rosetta is a Coinbase-led project that aims to simplify the integration of blockchains with the wallets, websites, and exchanges that support them. Neo’s contributions to Rosetta come in the form of a plugin for its Data API and a plugin for its Construction API.

NGD Ecosystem Growth director, John Wang, participated in an AMA with the managing director of the BSN development association and CEO of Red Date Technology, He Yifan. In the AMA, Wang and He discussed Neo integration into BSN public city nodes, how BSN and Neo will further their partnership, use cases, how developers will benefit from NEO / BSN integration, plus more.

NGD Ecosystem Growth director, John Wang, joined in an evening learning session at Asia Public Blockchain Week on Wednesday, August 28th. The series of learning sessions were oriented towards teaching new users about various public blockchain platforms with smart contract functionality.

NGD Seattle lead, John deVadoss, participated in the REIMAGINE 2020 v2.0 – Disrupting the System virtual conference, to discuss developer tools, attracting developers to the Neo ecosystem, the Neo Blockchain Toolkit, the need for interoperability among various blockchain networks, plus more.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today (NNT) hosted Vincent Geneste, founder of GhostMarket, on episode 38 of the NNT podcast. Topics of conversation include why Vincent chose to build GhostMarket, what makes it unique, his background in the Neo ecosystem, exciting features in Neo3, and much more.

In the conversation, Geneste discussed the uniqueness of the GhostMarket non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and explorer. While Geneste noted the concept is simple, the steps to make this vision become a reality have been anything other than straightforward. For instance, although various Neo-based projects support NFTs, they do not all use the same standard. Looking forward, cross-chain functionality is on the GhostMarket roadmap. He noted, “The plan is [to add support] later, maybe in two months, at tops.”

NGD Seattle announced the release of an updated version of the Visual Token Designer, now available to download on the VS Code marketplace. Designed to work with the InterWork Alliance’s Token Taxonomy Framework, the Token Designer enables interaction with different artifacts in the taxonomy. Users can combine different pieces of token functionality or generalized behaviors to create their own token specifications. The new Visual Token Designer release includes the ability to customize token properties, a feature that was absent in the initial preview version.

Compendia, an evolution of the nOS project, announced the launch of its MainNet and is conducting a token swap from NEP-5 NOS to its native BIND. The token swap is taking place three weeks after its official announcement that nOS was rebranding to Compendia and placing increased emphases on decentralized databases. Compendia founder, Dean van Dugteren, also released a step-by-step guide and a tutorial video to help users conduct the token swap.

Developer Groups

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) released the results of its latest round of benchmark testing for the C# and Go Neo3 node clients, showing speed improvements of up to 10x from Neo2. The tests compared transaction throughput, memory, and CPU usage under different conditions, showing significant improvements for the Neo3 nodes over their Neo2 counterparts.

COZ announced a rebrand and released a slew of updated products. Among the products, COZ unveiled the new Neopython Suite, releasing new tools to enable support for Python on Neo3. The suite is comprised of a rebuild of the popular Boa compiler, enabling developers to begin writing Neo3 contracts compatible with the Preview3 TestNet, and the new Mamba SDK that simplifies interaction with the blockchain, providing Python developers with similar conveniences to those available in neon.js.

Other releases included the Dora block explorer, a new website, and a preview of an upcoming mobile version of the Neon Wallet.


August 25th, Switcheo announced more than 50% of the SWTH token supply has been staked on the TradeHub standalone chain.

August 26th, QLC Chain led the Metro Ethernet Forum’s (MEF) “DLT, Supply Chains, and Billing” incubation group in examining how to “merge with the existing Sonata-APIs in the telecom business lifecycle.” The interactive session helped participants learn how to “solve their dispute processes since the smart contract can use rules accepted by both parties to define when services start and end.”

August 26th, Guardian Circle co-founder and CEO, Mark Jeffrey, participated on the MikoBits podcast and discussed the Guardian Circle app, how it improves emergency response scenarios, DeFi protocols, how Neo may be able to integrate DeFi, and more.

August 26th, Switcheo co-founder and CEO, Ivan Poon, participated on a virtual panel to discuss automated market makers and decentralized exchanges for the Open Finance Conference.

August 27th, Nash issued a brief update highlighting backend support for neo-go, support for new tokens in the Nash wallet, updated translations, plus more.

August 28th, Novem’s NVM utility token listed on the P2PB2B custodial exchange with the BTC trading pair.

August 29th, QLC Chain released its fortnightly report, which included the addition of new team members, DeFi simulations on its network, growth in its social media networks, plus more.

August 30th, Yezcoin announced its YEZ token would soon appear on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Listings

Novem NVM token listed on P2PB2B.


August 31st: NGD Seattle’s John deVadoss to participate in Financial Advisory Services (FAS) virtual panel.