Guardian Circle founders, Mark Jeffrey, and Chris Hayes, recently hosted a video stream to provide a September progress update. Guardian Circle is a blockchain-based project that aims to provide “uber-like” emergency first-response services, especially useful in places where the official response is slow, corrupt, or ineffective. In the video, the co-founders previewed Guardian 3.0, the Guardian staking model, partnerships, and events attended.

Guardian 3.0

The Guardian 3.0 application update will include extra Guardium token (GUARD) functionality in its release, scheduled for Quarter 1 of 2019. When an individual is invited to the Guardian Circle network, downloads the application, and “connects” to with the invitee, the invitee will earn GUARD tokens. Individuals will also be able to earn GUARD with reference codes, even if the two parties don’t establish a Guardian-based relationship with one another.

As discussed in the Guardian Circle whitepaper, the amount of GUARD user holds establishes the services they’re able to solicit, or alerts they can create. When an alert is created, certified citizen responders in the vicinity are able to not only respond, but also see the number of tokens offered for their service. The more GUARD a user is able to stake, the better protected they might be. Though the details weren’t covered in the video, Guardian Circle is also developing a “GUARD for alerts” rewarding model to be included in Guardian 3.0.

GUARD Staking Model

When the GDM smart contract was upgraded to GUARD, Guardian Circle incorporated a staking model for device and service provider access. In the model, a commercial entity can gain access to the Guardian Circle network to enable devices to deploy messages across the network. Said devices may include panic button devices, home security devices, cars, security cameras, etc. Entities that stake a “low amount” of GUARD will be granted access to the API, and gain access to the broader Guardian Circle network.


Guardian Circle is in communication with five “household name” brands, which are expected to be announced beginning Quarter 4 of 2018. The partnerships will be comprised of device providers who will stake tokens to gain access to the Guardian 3.0 application program interface (API) and render their services across the network.

In addition to the five entities, Guardian Circle has partnered with AKOIN, a cryptocurrency established by musician Akon that is marketed towards Africa. The partnership will aim to establish the distribution of GUARD tokens to users throughout the continent.

Events and Media

Guardian Circle’s Mark Jeffrey was featured in “Trust Machine,” a blockchain-based documentary. The document will highlight entities and individuals that are using blockchain technology to fight income inequality, the refugee crisis, and world hunger.

Guardian Circle is also planning a webinar with one of its advisers, Peter Diamandis, founder of XPRIZE. The time and date has yet to be announced.


GUARD was listed on Switcheo, which NEO News Today recently covered.

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