NEO Global Development (NGD) announced the NEO Creative Design Competition. The competition calls on participants to submit designs for the NEO website, as well as icons for individual elements of the NEO platform. A prize pool of $30,000 USD in GAS equivalent is up for grabs, with 20 prizes available across the two tracks. The competition opened on September 12th with entries accepted until October 14th. Winners will be announced on October 22nd.

On the 14th of September, Da Hongfei attended the “Upbit Developer Conference 2018” in Jeju-do, South Korea, and gave a keynote speech on “The Blockchain and the Smart Economy”.

NGD released NEO CLI 2.9.0, which can be found at the below link.

Community Development

City of Zion (CoZ) has announced an extension of its tutorial competition that was first introduced in August. Submissions will stay open until the 21st of September. Entries can be made by filling out the form here.

Ecosystem Projects

Trinity Protocol and NewEconoLabs (NEL) formed a strategic partnership to integrate NEO Name Service (NNS) onto the Trinity Wallet. Trinity has also announced its intention to work in concert with NEL on the fostering of the NEO gaming ecosystem, utilizing its off-chain state channel system to achieve low-cost, high-throughput transactions.

Narrative released an update to its project roadmap, with its beta release scheduled for Quarter 4 of 2018. September will be a month of focus for its “Narrative Alpha architecture, user interface, and new cloud infrastructure,” leading up to a major update for its Narrative Alpha “Chaucer” release.

Alphacat added Cardano price forecasting to its ACAT store. The Alphacat forecasts are designed to predict the probabilistic price movements within the 45-minute window after their creation. The store also offers forecasts for BTC, ETH, NEO, and EOS.

QLC Chain announced it will showcase its Private Communication Service at Consensus:Singapore on September 19th and 20th. The Private Communication Service aims to target the “secure communication” market, which will include a blockchain-based private router and private messenger application.

Alchemint was selected to move onto the finals of the Blockchain Stable Economic Model Design Competition (BDC). BDC is a “design mechanism competition,” which requested competitors to address various pain points in the blockchain industry pertaining to stable coin use cases.

APEX Network released a “Behind the Scenes” article, in an effort to introduce the APEX and NEO communities to the core team, and highlight what they do. CTO of APEX, Richard Wang, discusses the team’s daily patterns, development updates, and progress achieved on TestNet.

Switcheo released its progress report, which introduced a new trading interface that will be launched alongside ERC-20 trading integration. Additionally, the Switcheo Community Chest, a promotional community-building segment, has recently concluded the first two mini-events.

Moonlight published a review of its LUX (LX) token sale. Despite the original goal of generating 1 billion LX tokens, adverse market conditions resulted in only around 80% of the supply being minted. Moonlight reported it has raised more than enough to fund development and reach its business goals. There were no data breaches or denial-of-service attacks during the sale.

For the Win (FTW) provided an update on its wallet and over-the-counter (OTC) trading process. User experience tests for the OTC trading platform have begun on its private network. Lastly, the FTW TestNet lottery event has concluded.

Phantasma Chain recently released the open beta of its turn-based competitive wrestling game, Nacho Men. New features have been included in the open beta that can be accessed via a one-step registration process. As Nacho Men is still in beta, Phantasma will continue to work on new features and develop its community. 

Pikcio AG won Visa’s “Everywhere Initative,” a “global innovation program that tasks start-ups to solve payments and commerce challenges of tomorrow.” The Pikcio solution offers a secure personal data exchange, as well as a wallet that enables seamless payment experience.

Thor added Nick Alexander, CEO of Yoshi, to its advisory board. Thor will be seeking Alexander’s insight as it fine-tunes the details of the Odin portal before its official release.

Ryu Coin has announced that “VC veteran” Paul Hsu has joined its advisory board. Paul Hsu has spent over sixteen years working in Silicon Valley with numerous technology growth companies.

Event Announcements

NGD is holding a community meetup in Singapore, on September 19th. Speaking at the meetup will be Da Hongfei, founder of NEO, Johnson Zhao, NGD general manager and Piyush Chaplot, partner at NEO Global Capital (NGC). The event is free and will be held at the RELC International Hotel. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Upcoming Events

September 19: NEO Singapore Meetup

September 22: NEO Blockchain Challenge – Chengdu, China