Spotcoin, an upcoming Georgia-based digital currency exchange, OTC marketplace, cryptocurrency mining operation, and payment service, has announced two airdrops of its SPOT token in conjunction with NEO projects Travala and Guardium. Spotcoin will be holding the airdrops in preparation for its ICO in October, and the launch of its fiat exchange later in 2018.

Travala airdrop details

The first-come, first served airdrop will award 50 SPOT (a value of $25 USD at ICO price) to registrants holding a minimum of 300 Travala (AVA) tokens.

Participants will need to create an account on, hold 300 AVA in a NEO wallet that is not located on an exchange, and join two Spotcoin Telegram channels. More registration details are available here.

Travala CEO Matt Luczynski explained that meeting Spotcoin CEO Tim Gick at the NEO Black Sea Kickoff “instantly sparked a strong relationship between us” and that Spotcoin executives “provided some key advice for the Travala project adding to the strong bond between Travala and Spotcoin.”

Details of the upcoming Guardium Circle airdrop are forthcoming.

The SPOT airdrops are not available to residents and citizens of the United States and Singapore.

About Travala

Travala is a global travel booking marketplace on the NEO blockchain that connects travelers and merchants directly, without paying a commission.

More information on Spotcoin and Travala can be found by following the links below.