On July 1st, 2018, the NEO Black Sea Community was established in Signagi, Georgia by developers and entrepreneurs in Georgia and its surrounding countries. Spotcoin, one of the NEO Black Sea founding members, was joined by other NEO-based companies Travala, Thor, and Effect.AI for the launch of the community-based group.

In addition to the majority of the Spotcoin team and its Armenia-based country manager, Anait Ambartsumyan, Georgian blockchain entrepreneur, Tamar Menteshashvili, independent blockchain developer, Conor Scott, and Bulgaria-based, Brian Hankey from Cranial Ink participated in the announcement party.

Spotcoin is heavily involved in the NEO community, as well as the Black Sea Region’s blockchain community, and seeks to expand efforts in both communities. Its over the counter (OTC) marketplace aims to provide liquidity between fiat and digital currencies, which also includes all NEP-5 tokens.

Currently, Spotcoin aims to partake in educational and advisory roles for academia and government agencies located in the Black Sea region, but in time develop similar initiatives in other regions.

Those interested can participate in the dialogue of the NEO Black Sea Community through its Facebook page:


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