PikcioChain has announced the deployment of its TestNet. PikcioChain is a distributed platform that specializes in data collection, data verification, and personal data exchange. PikcioChain aims to let businesses exchange personal data with security and confidence, while giving individuals complete control of their personal data and enabling them to realize its financial value.

The TestNet will allow developers to test and validate some upcoming features before its MainNet launch in August. In addition to validating the new features, the TestNet will also check the integrity of its Masternode network located in Europe.

To set the stage for testing, PikcioChain has minted native TestNet PKC tokens that have no utility or value. The tokens were developed to facilitate the validation of PikcioChain’s new smart contract builder, consensus algorithm and other features.

A new consensus algorithm called Proof of Usage will be released on TestNet later this month, replacing Proof of Work. The new algorithm is designed to incentivize data owners.

Another feature is the PikcioChain Accelerator that will help companies create their MVP on the network. The accelerator aims to let developers build their products and prove their use cases without needing to deploy additional infrastructure.

The above features will be accessible to developers through an API and updated open source SDK that will be published in July.

Other parts of the network will be tested too, such as PikcioChain’s data collection and certification process, smart contract functionality, and the TestNet beta version of its KYC Wallets for Android and desktop devices.

Additional information regarding the TestNet and how community members can contribute to its development will be published in the coming weeks.

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