Pikcio AG recently won Visa’s “Everywhere Initiative,” which took place in Tokyo, Japan. Pikcio AG is the company behind PikcioChain, a distributed platform for individuals and organizations to safely and securely exchange personal data.

The event was Visa’s third annual Everywhere Initiative, as well as the first time the event was held in Japan. The vision of the competition is to serve as “a global innovation program that tasks start-ups to solve payments and commerce challenges of tomorrow.” The “challenges” for this year’s competition included three key areas:

  1. How can startups help merchants drive greater loyalty and conversion with new and existing customers?
  2. How can startups help small and medium businesses accept digital payments and other related digital solutions?
  3. How can startups augment their products with voice, messaging and artificial intelligence solutions to drive more powerful financial management or commerce experiences?

The Pikcio solution offers a secure personal data exchange, as well as a wallet that “enables seamless payment experience without having to go through a personal authentication process every time a payment is made.”

On winning the award, Bruno Abrioux, Japan business development head of Pikcio AG said he believes the Pikcio can “unlock more value to consumers and businesses by adding consumer-controlled, frictionless personal data transfer capabilities to Visa’s seamless payment experience.” Additionally, that Pikcio looks “forward to collaborating with Visa and its global network to develop a trustable, convenient and secure data and payment economy.”

More information about PikcioChain can be found at the links below.