NEO Global Development (NGD) and NewEconoLabs (NEL) hosted the third NEO Blockchain Open Class in Shanghai on September 9th. The NEO Blockchain Open Class series is an educational program aimed at promoting blockchain technical skill sets. The program is designed to meet the needs of developers who are entering NEO’s blockchain development space.

NGD announced the launch of CGAS. CGAS was created to solve some of the smart contract limitations of NEO’s UTXO assets (NEO and GAS). By converting GAS to a NEP-5 equivalent, developers can have access to full smart contract functionality and make use of the GAS token within applications.

Community development

City of Zion (CoZ) released neo-python 0.7.8, featuring Python 3.7 compatibility. A range of other bug fixes and updates were also included, with all notable changes found here.

NEL released its bi-weekly report for the second half of August. Various updates were reported on projects such as NEODUN, CryptoGladiator, and other core NEL projects. NEL also released a bi-weekly report for NEO Name Service (NNS), highlighting development on its auction smart contract, community operations, NNS user interface, and NNS database.

Ecosystem projects

NEO News Today’s Colin Closser interviewed Ian Holtz, founder of Aphelion, about the origins, development, and future of the Aphelion wallet-based decentralized exchange.

Aphelion launched its iOS wallet. The wallet offers “real-time trading chart data, customizable address book and complete NEP-5 token integration.” Additionally, the Aphelion wallet and decentralized exchange (DEX) now allows users to interface in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, and German.

PikcioChain updated its wallet, which included improvements to know your customer (KYC), contacts, chat, and wallet management functionality. Other planned features of the wallet include mobile notifications for token sales, a token sale directory, and a “one-click participate” button that will consolidate the user’s KYC information and contribution into a single action for token sales.

APEX updated its mobile wallet. The newest version includes a rewards module that will enable “various types of reward-type campaigns surrounding the APEX Network ecosystem,” including the second wave of the KRATOS One Special Node Program.

Trinity launched its ETH-based state channels and simple node deployment registration. Trinity also welcomes interested individuals to develop decentralized applications (dApps) using the ETH-Based Trinity State Channel Protocol. Following the launch, the team has released a simple node development platform that will allow users to host a node with “one click.”

New Kind of Network (NKN) announced the release of TestNet v0.3 Lemur, a “key milestone in technical development” for the project. There are two major improvements Lemur brings to the NKN platform. First, the update expands the number of nodes in its network; second, Lemur further develops NKN’s “core system.” Another major feature added with Lemur is the network’s ability to support token transfers. 

NKN also published results from the Bitrun Hackathon. In total, three different teams used NKN’s software development kit (SDK) to create dApps, with the NKN Segment Transmission Protocol highlighted as a standout submission.

Endorsit, a content creation and sharing network, published its weekly report highlighting daily trading volume on a new exchange, marketing and incentive activities, iOS and Android dApp updates, progress on its wallet, and success with the Domestic Author Incentive Program .

Alchemint announced its Philosophers Program, and partnered with PikcioChain. The Philosophers Program will act as a bridge between the Alchemint team and the larger community. Additionally, Alchemint and PikcioChain will seek to “create a bridge between the data market and cryptocurrency” by facilitating “industries to innovate and adopt financial solutions using blockchain technology.”

Travala published its marketplace v2 updates and September roadmap. Marketplace V2 was designed to provide an improved user experience, support bookings with NEP-5 tokens, and improve search functionality. In the upcoming month, the platform seeks to add an additional 50,000 bookable properties, which will increase the total bookable properties to 125,000 in 30 countries.

Thor released Odin and its referral program. Odin is a proprietary contractor management portal aimed at businesses that employ freelance contract labor. Additionally, Thor announced its health insurance referral program, in advance of the open enrollment period for ThorCare.

Jarvis+ released its August development report. The report highlighted the platform’s operational and R&D progress, a 10-day bounty program, and a successful airdrop.

For The Win (FTW) provided an update on its blockchain lottery platform. The update reported on two development milestones – OTC trading and a NEP-5 lottery platform. The cashier, or OTC trading feature, will allow tokens to be bought and sold without being listed on exchanges. The NEP-5 lottery platform will seek to “easily integrate other NEP-5 as prize pools and allow people to play with them.”

DeepBrain Chain announced the launch of its DeepToken Exchange. The artificial industry (AI) industry digital asset exchange intends to “provide relief to quality AI projects struggling to achieve the necessary funding required to break into the [AI] industry.” DeepToken aims to be a financing platform for AI companies, a trading platform for AI digital assets, and offer support for their product landing.

Ryu Coin is conducting a giveaway in celebration of its beta release. Prizes for the giveaway include Ryu “swag,” (Ryu t-shirt and jumper) as well as a Nintendo Switch. Over $1,000 worth of merchandise will be given away in total over the next 8 weeks of the promotion, given to 50 lucky entrants.

Event announcements

NEO Global Capital (NGC) will host its first meetup in Boston, MA on September 15th. The event will feature speakers from blockchain projects that have received investment from NGC. The event is free to attend, but limited seats are available.

Spotcoin will be sponsoring the NEO Hackathon+, September 28th through 30th. The key theme of the NEO Hackathon is to “explore ways to provide the Georgian government with process automation solutions that use blockchain hashing and time stamping to build and execute trust contracts.”

Upcoming Events

September 15: NGC Meetup – Boston, MA

September 22: NEO Blockchain Challenge – Chengdu, China