PikcioChain has announced an update to its mobile wallet for Android devices, September 1st. As the first update to its wallet, the team promises that the announcement will be part of “many to come,” leading up to the release of its desktop and iOS versions that are due later this year.

The most recent update highlighted numerous changes and improvements, including:

  • KYC document validation for French users
  • Searching for contacts using username and password settings
  • Chat features, as well as sending and receiving files
  • Ability to add and edit Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEO wallets, including viewing balances and transactions
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

The MVP of PikcioChain’s wallet was released on August 2nd this year, aptly termed “The Wallet.” The Wallet aims to make participating in token sales “an easy and frictionless process,” by storing and then sharing the user’s KYC information with token sale operators from inside the application; it also allows users to send funds.

Other planned features of The Wallet include mobile notifications for token sales, a token sale directory, and a “one-click participate” button that will consolidate the user’s KYC information and contribution into a single action for token sales. Also, bank wire and credit card support are planned for early next year, which will allow users to link fiat payment methods to The Wallet.

PikcioChain is also rolling out some features for companies, including a web-based management tool for KYC and transactions, and allowing token sale operators to “access a pool of certified buyers.”

Finally, the team has also planned a number of incentives to holding PKC tokens in The Wallet. These incentives include:

  • Access to exclusive token sales or tiers
  • Access to higher bonus tiers
  • Guaranteed allocations for select token sales
  • Participation in voting rounds for future token sales
  • “Automated participation” feature for select token sale events

According to its roadmap, these incentives are planned for late this year into early 2019.

You can download the latest iteration of The Wallet from the Google Play store here.

More information on PikcioChain can be found at the links below.