NEO Global Development (NGD) released its monthly report for August. After listening to many community suggestions, NGD has updated its report format to a more modular structure, broken down into categories such as highlights, development progress, community, events and general progress. An infographic version of the report designed by NEO News Today was also released. 

NEO News Today released an English translation of Da Hongfei’s interview with Honeycomb Finance. The interview covered topics such as Ontology, NEO, public blockchains, and clarification about Hongfei’s work in the blockchain field.

A media briefing was held by NGD on August 30th on the first NEO Blockchain Game Competition, and was attended by dozens of Chinese blockchain media in Shanghai, China.

Community development

The NEO Game Development competition, hosted by NewEconoLabs (NEL) and supported by NGD, hosted its award ceremony on August 31st at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel on Shanghai. Major honours were awarded to winning teams, with CardMaker claiming the Best Game Award and an ¥800,000 GAS prize.

The Smart Economy Wiki (SEWiki) was introducted by its creator, Dean van Dugteren. SEWiki is a “community effort that aims to cover all topics surrounding the Smart Economy in an easy to understand manner.” The Wiki was established on August 11th, 2018. Individuals are encouraged to contribute objective, informational, and well-sourced content.

NEO News Today interviewed City of Zion (CoZ) developer Sérgio Flores, (aka Relfos on Github and the NEO Discord). Sérgio is the creator and maintainer of the neo-debugger-tools project. The NEO Debugger allows developers to load their newly compiled .avm smart contracts, which can then be run through the debugger to detect issues. Sérgio discussed his introduction to NEO and encouraged smart contract developers to submit improvements and suggestions to the debugger.

Ecosystem Projects

The Neon Exchange (NEX) token sale will begin on September 3rd, after the project received final approval from the Financial Market Authority (FMA) in the principality of Liechtenstein. The event is open only to those who won the lottery draw and passed round one or two of the KYC process that was held earlier this year. The event will not be held on “first come, first served” basis, and contributions can be made at any time during the five day sale period. Neon Exchange claims that its NEX token is “the first regulated exchange security token in Europe and one of the first and few regulated securities in the world.”

QLC Chain released its bi-monthly report, which includes information on development progress, partnerships and upcoming events. QLC Chain also announced its Community Governance Programme Proposal, designed to expand the decentralized governance to the community level. The community will be able to discuss and make decisions on exchange listings, product development, and AMA schedule, among other areas.

Red Pulse announced its token deposit, withdrawal, and staking went live on the PHOENIX platform on August 26th. Red Pulse also announced the development of Crypto Pulse, a “product for crypto-related breaking news and research content.” The Crypto Pulse project will seek to provide cryptocurrency traders with the ability to view market-moving signals, technical analysis, and in-depth records on current coins/tokens and new token sales.

Splyse released an update on the development of HashPuppies, including information on funding and releasing updates on a weekly basis.

Alphacat released a guide for its ACAT forecasting tool, which currently provides 45-minute predictions for NEO, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and EOS. Alphacat currently allows three free predictions per day to users that have registered on its site.

Zeepin released a final notice with details for their upcoming token swap. Token mapping began after NEO’s block height reached 2670670, which passed on August 29th. Exchanges supporting the token swap are KuCoin, Gate and Lbank, and the mapping process is expected to be completed on September 5th.

DeepBrain Chain announced its Global Ambassadors Program, a new sales and recruitment initiative for people to earn various kinds of rewards, including DeepBrain Chain’s native DBC token.

Event Announcements

NeoResearch will represent NEO at two blockchain events to be held in Uruguay in September. The first event will be a NEO community meet up on September 3rd, whilst the second will be the Uruguay Blockchain Summit on September 5th. Brothers Vitor and Igor Coehlo will be giving a presentation titled “From the basics to the latest advances in the NEO Blockchain: High performance agreements.”

The NEO-MY community will host the first NEO meetup in Malaysia. NEO Global Development (NGD) will co-host the event, and Malcolm Lerider will make a presentation as well as participate in a fireside chat. Registration for the event is free.

Exchange Listings

The Coupit token (COUP) will be listed on LATOKEN on September 5th.

FTW was listed on International Digital Asset Exchange (IDAX) on September 2nd.

Upcoming Events

September 3: NEO Uruguay Meetup

September 5: NEO Malaysia Meetup

September 8: Open development class in Shanghai