QLC Chain, which aims to create the first decentralized public chain for Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), has recently posted their latest bi-weekly report. The report includes information on the development progress, partnerships and upcoming events, and can be read in its entirety here.

Public Chain Development

The QLC Chain development team recently enhanced its wallet and PoW computing logic, completed the alpha phase of the web wallet and chain explorer, and completed internal testing of the block lattice structure. QLC Chain has reported positive feedback from 50 QLC owners that were invited to test the wallet and explorer.

According to QLC, internal testing of the blockchain has revealed a peak performance of 3,500 TPS using the following conditions:

  • Ali Cloud Server as the root node (4-core CPU, 8GB RAM, 10Mbps bandwidth)
  • Root node running desktop wallet and logging in to the voting account
  • Three Ali Cloud servers to run the node for increased transmission efficiency
  • Desktop wallet run on a local Windows 10 computer
  • One Ali Cloud database used to store transaction confirmation time
  • One Ali Cloud server to run an observation node that records the transaction confirmation time and writes it to the database

The QLC Chain TestNet is currently undergoing a rewrite in Golang.

AMA Session

QLC Chain announced that although their live AMA on YouTube was cut short last week due to connection issues, the core developers answered the majority of questions in a written post that can be found here. The questions mostly reference the TestNet and future plans for QLC Chain, including its future interaction with NEO.

Partnership Update

QLC Chain referenced their joint venture announcement with Montnets Group, a cloud communication service provider. The report provided additional details regarding the partnership, which will begin with a cross-border SMS and data clearance platform based on QLC Chain’s block lattice platform. More information about the joint venture can be found here.


QLC Chain operation director of China, Dr Jerry Chen, was invited to the Conference on Hot Topics in Information-centric Networking (HotICN2018), where blockchain technology and its applications were discussed with a focus on network communications. An event recap can be found here.

The QLC Chain team also mentioned that they will be in attendance of Consensus Singapore between 18th September and 20th September, where new announcements are expected to be made.

More information on QLC Chain can be found at the links below.