DeepBrain Chain has announced its Global Ambassadors Program, a new sales and recruitment initiative for people to earn various kinds of rewards, including DeepBrain Chain’s native DBC token.

The following description was given by the DeepBrain Chain about the Global Ambassador Program: ”This is a platform where community volunteers can truly display their creativity and productivity, paving the way for AI practitioners and investors to gain knowledge of and join the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem.”

The program has a strong emphasis on sales that can be seen from the sign up workflow provided by the platform:

“Apply → Pass 1st round of application → Become a Global Ambassador → Sell at least one AI Cloud Computing Package to an AI practitioner or the equivalent value in DBC/DPT to an investor → Become an active Global Ambassador.”

The program is currently accepting signups while the team waits for enough Ambassadors to join and be accepted into the program. Once 1,000 Ambassadors have joined, DeepBrain Chain will commence the first round of competitions and incentives.

To sign up for the Program, click here.

A detailed guide for Ambassadors can be read here and another for Community Administrators.

More information on DeepBrain Chain can be found at the links below.