QLC Chain announced its Community Governance Programme Proposal in a Medium post on August 29th. QLC Chain states that its community has grown considerably across its social channels and offline partnerships. Therefore, the proposal seeks to foster a “deeper engagement with [QLC Chain] for the future of healthy growth,” according to an excerpt from the report.

QLC Chain has identified four content categories to “expand the decentralized governance to the community level.” The listed categories will also be open to the QLC Chain community to “discuss and make decisions on.”

The four categories are:

  • Exchange Listing
  • Product Developments
  • AMA Schedule
  • Others

Furthermore, the team welcomes commentary and suggestions for additional content categories. Submissions can be made through QLC Chain’s subreddit.

The announcement also outlined the process for submitting a proposal. Users can submit proposals from their wallets, with one account representing a single user (identity). Users can then vote for different proposals submitted by others. A list of requirements for valid proposals was also released, along with a reward structure. The requirements and reward structure can be read here.

The most active participants in the programme will be recognized as a QLC Governor and will be “rewarded and honoured monthly, quarterly and monthly.” How QLC Governors are chosen depends on the number of successful proposals and votes, with the ranking “accumulating over time.”

Finally, QLC Chain underlined the importance of its Community Governance Programme with the following: “This program will help build a QLC governing system, consisting of those who frequently contribute and participate in the decision-making process.