On July 31st, 2018, Pikciochain officially announced the launch of its MainNet. Pikciochain is a distributed platform that specializes in data collection, data verification, and personal data exchange. Pikciochain aims to let businesses exchange personal data with security and confidence, whilst giving individuals complete control of their personal data and enabling them to realize its financial value.

In a video message to users, Jorick Lartigau, blockchain R&D lead for PikcioAG, discussed the plans and goals for both Pikciochain’s MainNet and TestNet. Currently, the Pikciochain MainNet is focussed on engaging startups and partners in the corporate realm. In its current state, MainNet is primarily a peer-to-peer layer that provides securitization and transfer of data. Pikciochain aims to further establish MainNet by January of 2019, through the introduction of “Proof of Usage” and the smart contract engine to the platform.

The video of Jorick’s announcement can be seen here.

Those interested in monitoring the status of Pikciochain’s MainNet or TestNet can visit – https://monitor.pikciochain.com/

Android Wallet MVP

Pickiochain has also released its first iteration of “The Wallet”. The Wallet aims to allow investors of token sales to store and share KYC information from inside the application and consolidate addresses for NEO, Ethereum, and Bitcoin token sales.

Other features of The Wallet will include mobile notifications for new token sales, a token sale directory, and social networking features like instant messaging, file sharing and user profiles.

The MVP version will allow users to create a profile and upload KYC documents, and automatically retrieve Pikciochain KYC for already registered users. The roadmap for The Wallet feature releases can be found here.

The Wallet Android MVP can be downloaded from the below link:


Pikciochain is preparing for a Hackathon, set to take place August 15th through the 30th. There will be four main themes within which participants can choose to develop, including: Proof of Usage, user interface/user experience (UI/UX), decentralized applications (dApps), and software development kits (SDKs)/libraries. Developers who participate in the challenge will be granted special access rights to the Pikciochain TestNet.

There will be a prize pool of 40,000 PKC distributed among the top performers, with a bonus-tier for projects that develop an innovative idea, chosen by Jorick Lartigau. Prize tokens will be distributed in the following manner:

  • First Place: 14,000 PKC
  • Second Place: 8,000 PKC
  • Third Place: 6,000 PKC
  • Fourth Place: 4,000 PKC
  • Special Jorick Prize: 8,000 PKC

To register for the Hackathon, participants will need to fill out a registration form, and join the Hubble Community Discord channel. To access the Hubble Community Discord channel visit the link below:


Registration is planned to remain open from August 1st through August 15th.

For more information about Pikciochain visit the links below.