The Hong Kong-based SENNO project, a sentiment analysis platform utilizing the NEO blockchain, has opened its private sale to investors. The sale is scheduled to run through the end of August 7th, 2018.

Sentiment Analysis

SENNO aims to create an ecosystem of crowd wisdom in real time by using distributed sentiment analysis and AI algorithms to read and interpret user-generated content on the Internet. The team believes that the mass sharing of user-generated content on the Internet has created a gold mine of information; and that once SENNO’s data listeners collect and process data from blogs, forums, and social media into quantitative metrics such as “Buzz” and “Mood”, it will be highly useful to help corporations and investors make decisions.

The SENNO token will be a NEP-5 token registered on the NEO blockchain with uses including: rewarding hardware contributors, software developers, and providers of its network resources; payment for developers of sentiment-tailored plugins; commissions for referral affiliates, and; payment of subscription fees for SENNO’s crowd wisdom data and API access.

Platform Development

SENNO has released its whitepaper as well as several components of its roadmap since its tokensale was first reported in the media earlier this year. On June 11th, 2018, SENNO released the alpha version of its MVP, which include a facial emotion analyzer as well as a tracker for public opinion of the Bitcoin and NEO blockchains. On June 30th, SENNO announced the release of its API v1.0, which allows developers to access consumer sentiment data on SENNO’s distributed storage.

Future Roadmap

SENNO plans an exchange listing of its token directly after the private sale. After that, the Alpha version of its CryptoScanner, designed to measure investor sentiment in various crypto communities, is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018. The SENNO SDK release and full network launch are planned for 2019.

Tokensale Details

SENNO is currently running a private sale from August 1st – August 7th with a reduced minimum investment of $1,000 USD. When asked to clarify details about the sale, SENNO co-founder and CTO Rudy Zakuto stated, “We might not have an ICO at all after the private sale, and we will go directly to exchange”. He further stated that “We have raised enough funds to get going on the project”. The pre-sale hard cap is $4,000,000 USD.

Of the 10,000,000,000 total token supply, 30 percent is allocated for company employees, company shareholders, company advisors and business partners, and 30 percent are earmarked for reward tokens held by SENNO’s smart contracts. 40 percent of tokens were allocated to the crowdsale. Unsold tokens will be burned.

More information on the SENNO project is available at the links below.