NewEconoLabs (NEL) has published its bi-weekly report for the back half of August. NEL is a Chinese based community development group dedicated to enhancing the NEO ecosystem. Various updates were reported on projects such as NEODUN, CryptoGladiator, and other core NEL projects.

Core projects

The NEL blockchain browser and wallet both received updates. The user experience was enhanced on the blockchain browser by improving the localization features. The site will automatically default to the user’s language (English or Chinese) based on their browser settings, and the manual language selector now has consistent placing on both versions.

The NEL wallet was also the subject of user experience improvements, with a new user interface under development and additional changes made to data loading methods.

100 NNC was also awarded to GitHub user treasureDouDou for proposals made to theĀ project.


Various language updates were made to the NEODUN hardware wallet. NEL completed the English version of the NEODUN firmware and interface, and completed testing. The NEODUN Driver was also renamed to the NEODUN Manager and made easier to switch between languages.

A bug was fixed with the signature mechanism of the device and additional prompts were added to the UI to improve the user experience.


A range of bugs have been addressed in NEL’s newly launched CryptoGladiator game. An issue with SGAS redemption has been been diagnosed with a fix on the way, whilst the ability to lease gladiators for cloning has been put on hold whilst the clone cooling function is repaired.

An Android .apk file has been developed and tested and is expected to be released soon, along with a new system called “Expedition”.

NEO Game Development Competition

The NEO Game Development competition that was hosted by NEL and supported by NEO Global Development came to a close, with the the awards ceremony held on August 31st in Shanghai. The grand prize went to CardMaker, with the full list of grand prize winners found here.

The full bi-weekly report can be found at the link below.