NKN has announced its TestNet v0.3 Lemur release, which is described by the team as being as “key milestone in technical development” with improved functionality and performance.

In the report released by NKN, the team highlighted two major improvements that Lemur brings to its platform. First, the update expands the number of nodes in its network to over one thousand, which NKN claims can be “deployed with a single click.” Additionally, the functions of these nodes are claimed to have been validated under stress testing. Second, Lemur further develops NKN’s “core system,” including its consensus and mining mechanisms. Third and coinciding with Lemur’s release, the team also published the Alpha version of its SDK and wallet, which are designed to help developers build dApps using NKN’s network.

Another major feature that was added with Lemur is the network’s ability to support token transfers, with the significance being that “NKN nodes can now receive a relay fee by forwarding data to the sender.”

The above improvements to NKN’s architecture were just some of the changes made. You can read through an exhaustive list of all the updates that were made here, as well as in its release notes on GitHub.

In summary of the project’s progress, the team made the following statements:

“With this Lemur release, we opened up the door for community members to run their own full nodes, join the NKN TestNet, and start experimental mining. Decentralization is both in the spirit and practice of NKN project. We will publish the experimental mining guidance in the next few days as well.”

The team also said that it will publish its performance testing results over the next few weeks and months. By publishing these documents, they intend to “help put a ‘NKN dot’ on the scalability map, and showcase NKN’s contribution to advance the blockchain technology in general.”

As per the project’s roadmap, Lemur is the second iteration of the platform after “Firefox” that was released in June this year. The next release will be named “Koala” with a focus on “enhancing attack resistance, larger scale TestNet SDK beta release.” The subsequent and final release before NKN’s planned MainNet release in March next year will be “Meerkat,” which is described as being a “full-featured TestNet with complete implementation and performance; SDK v1.0 release.”

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