Thor has released its August progress report. Thor’s goal is to provide payments, healthcare access, and retirement planning for independent contract laborers.


Thor has introduced Odin, its proprietary contractor management portal. Odin is aimed at businesses that employ freelance contract labor. As the Thor team explained, Odin is “a modular software interface that will allow businesses to manage and track their inbound and outbound payments from customers and to contractors. It will be the first product of its kind built specifically for the On Demand economy.”

Thor spun off Odin into a standalone entity when it became clear that there was a healthy demand for a contractor payroll management system amongst its potential customers. Odin can be used in the future alongside Thor’s upcoming Lightning Pay payment system, or by itself.

Referral Program

Thor also announced a health insurance referral program in advance of its open enrollment period for ThorCare. The program begins on September 5th, 2018, and runs until the end of the year. Thor is offering a $50 reward to each referral that becomes an insured member of ThorCare. There are eligibility and KYC requirements to participate as a referrer in the program.

As noted last month, the Thor “Payments and Benefits” app is live on the Apple Store and Thor merchandise is available for purchase through the app.

More information on the Thor project can be found by following the links below.