Narrative has released an update to its project roadmap as it makes progress towards its beta release, scheduled for Q4 2018. Narrative aim to be the “World’s Public Journal” and describes itself as a “mashup between Medium, Instagram and Twitter, but with more focused subject-matter”, rewarding content creators, moderators and everyone who positively influences the quality of content.

The team claims that September will be a month of focus for its “Narrative Alpha architecture, user interface, and new cloud infrastructure,” leading up to a major update for its Narrative Alpha “Chaucer” release that was delivered to NRVE token holders in January this year. It’s claimed that the scheduled updates will prepare users for the experience of the Beta version when it is released, featuring a “re-architected platform and an entirely new front-end,” along with a “modern back-end, built on a more distributed model, [that] will ensure high uptime and availability.”

Notably, the newest updates will begin the process of “incremental releases” through its Beta launch. Some important changes and features were mentioned in the update, such as network rewards, a reputation system, sharing and bookmarking, comments, content streams, niches, personal journals and more. A full list of features can be seen in the original announcement post here.

Finally, readers can also view Narrative’s project roadmap in its entirety from its inception to post-beta launch here.

More information on Narrative can be found at the links below.