Following the announcement of the over-the-counter (OTC) trading and NEP-5 lottery platforms, For The Win has released additional details regarding updates over the last week.

Wallet Updates

The FTW team has released a list of development updates for the FTW wallet:

  • Updated to use CoZ token list to add NEP-5 tokens to the wallet for make orders
  • Integrated CGAS, allowing users to swap GAS to CGAS on the balance list
  • Two dependency updates – Neon.js 4.0.2@latest, and ESLint@latest

FTW also noted that user experience tests for the OTC trading platform have begun on their private network.

OTC Trading

FTW has posted a step-by-step of how the OTC smart contract will operate:

  1. User A makes a WTB order with 1 CGAS to buy 1 NEX. 1 CGAS is transferred to OTC wallet using the smart contract.
  2. User B accepts the WTB order, and transfers his 1 NEX to the OTC wallet.
  3. A third user C (has to hold FTW) verifies the order. Funds are switched and released to the new owners. User C takes fees from both parties.

This process is designed to ensure a fair and trustless OTC trading experience of any NEP-5 token, and incentivizes FTW holders to act as mediators.

TestNet Lottery Event

The FTW TestNet lottery event has concluded, and the FTW team has noted that all feedback has been collected and will be put to good use. 500 randomly selected participants have each received 50 FTW, the list of winning addresses can be found here.

More information on For The Win can be found at the links below.