City of Zion (CoZ) have announced an extension of its tutorial competition that was first introduced in August. Submissions will stay open until the 21st of September. Entries can be made by filling out the form here.

The tutorial competition is the first of its kind to be held by CoZ and is the third in total. Former competitions focused on dApp development that rewarded winning entries with GAS prizes. For the most recent contest, there will also be incentives up for grabs in the form of 1,350 GAS for each individual topic (approx. $7,500 each).

The competition’s objective is to increase the amount of quality resources available for developers in the NEO ecosystem. Content can be delivered in text, video, or audio formats on a range of topics outlined by the competition. Some examples include smart contract development, deploying and maintaining a full node, boostrapping a decentralized application and many others.

A full list of topics and competition guidelines can be read here.

More information on City of Zion can be found at the links below.