The team behind Moonlight, the decentralized workforce and project management platform on NEO, has recently posted a recap for the LUX (LX) token sale.

The recap shared various details on the LX token and circumstances surrounding the token sale. The final token details are as follows:

  • Ticker: LX
  • Name: Moonlight Lux
  • Total Supply: 808,257,93
  • Decimals: 8
  • Balance: 14,245.37087808

Despite the original goal of generating 1 billion LX tokens, adverse market conditions resulted in only around 80% of the suppy being minted. The remainder of tokens will not be created, however the Moonlight team is confident that they have raised sufficient funds to support the platform’s development.

At the time of posting the recap, around 1,460 unique NEO wallets hold LX tokens. Over 3000 users passed KYC for the sale, located in over 120 different countries on six different continents. The circulating supply is 270,007,693 LX tokens, which will subsequently grow based on the vesting process. Details about the vesting process can be found in the whitepaper.

The team also shared some security statistics for the sale. They have announced that there were no data breaches or denial-of-service attacks during the sale, and over 500 Telegram impersonators were banned. One cloned website was also taken down with assistance from Google.

The next step for Moonlight will be a periodic review of the roadmap as the team sets their priority milestones for the service. This is intended to provide the community with a clear vision and timeline for the platform’s development.

Moonlight also noted that the financial and legal aspects of the token sale are currently being finalized so that the team can begin focusing entirely on development. Further information and updates are planned for announcement in the coming weeks.

More information on Moonlight can be found at the links below.