Trinity Protocol, a universal off-chain scaling solution, has announced a strategic partnership with NewEconoLabs (NEL), a development community responsible for the NEO.Game competition and decentralized domain name service, NEO Name Service.

Trinity Wallet & NEO Name Service

As part of the partnership Trinity’s mobile NEO wallet, currently available for Android, will integrate NEO Name Service (NNS), making it easier for Trinity Wallet users to send digital assets.

NEL commented, “NNS’s domain name service will also make it easier for users of Trinity Wallet to transfer tokens. There is no need to enter a long list of unordered wallet addresses to prevent possible errors when entering addresses and malicious tampering that may occur when copying addresses. Therefore, account security will be improved.”

Trinity State Channels & NEL Game Ecosystem

Trinity has also announced its intention to work in concert with NEL on the fostering of the NEO gaming ecosystem, utilizing its off-chain state channel system to achieve low-cost, high-throughput transactions. Trinity explained that “Playing a game will involve a lot of transactions. Putting all of them on-chain will bring a lot of burden to the blockchain. Thus, state channels put unnecessary transactions off-chain and scale the network.”

The partners have announced plans for jointly organized technical meetups. During these “technical salons”, Trinity will provide the support needed to help NEL’s development community integrate Trinity’s state channels with games on the NEO blockchain. The intended result is a secure, efficient, and high-performance way for games to transfer information and assets between players.

Trinity further summarized the partnership, saying that “The cooperation between Trinity and NEL is not only an important exploration of the commercial application of blockchain games, but also lays the foundation for the co-construction [of a] blockchain game application ecosystem.”

More information about Trinity and NEL can be found by following the links below.