Guardian Circle has entered a partnership with SpringRole, a blockchain powered professional-profile verification and attestation protocol. Guardian Circle aims to provide a global, decentralized 911 emergency response system that alerts both a user-selected group of contacts, and paid emergency responders.

Guardian Circle recently completed its Guardium public token sale on June 1, 2018.

SpringRole aims to provide the ability for Guardian Circle users to see the verifiable credentials of emergency service providers who respond to incidents. SpringRole also offers artificial intelligence-based skills endorsement on its platform, which evaluates professional identity and credentials of users.

The two companies see interest for their services in India, where SpringRole has a large team located, and Guardian Circle recently participated in the XPRIZE Foundation competition. XPRIZE Foundation designs and manages competitions to encourage technological development with the potential to benefit humanity.

Guardian Circle aims to deliver a beta release of Guardium Protection Contracts in Q3 of 2018, and version 1.0 of Guardium Protection Contracts the following quarter.

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