Ontology has announced the Ontology Olympus Accelerator (OOA) program. The OOA program seeks to connect technology and product experts from various fields to collaborate entrepreneurially and develop new business applications using Ontology. The OOA program will aim to provide technical, marketing, funding, talent, and legal compliance support for teams to develop open-source collaborative projects in the distributed trust ecosystem.

Ontology has dedicated $1.5 billion USD in ONT tokens to the OOA program, which will be used to support future startups and teams.

Jun Li, founder of Ontology, stated the OOA program was launched to develop the Ontology ecosystem, and hopes the program will attract talent and applications to “jointly build our cross-chain, -system, -industry, -application, and -terminal distributed trust ecosystem.”

The OOA will focus support into seven core areas, which include:


Blockchain underlying technology support, custom business chain development, blockchain business-layer common modules, blockchain industry function customization, blockchain-based general hardware service platforms, and custom intelligent hardware service platforms.


Collaboration with a wide range of industry partners, sharing Ontology ecosystem users, and industry leader guidance.


Technology community expansion support, and ecosystem community collaboration.

Market Incubation

Ontology ecosystem business cooperation, user system collaboration, and market operations system collaboration.

Capital Incubation

Ontology incubation fund, investment fund, and Ontology/partner cooperative funds.

Talent Incubation

Human resource services (including recruitment and training).

Legal Services

Professional global legal services, which will cover all aspects of the project, and different regions across the globe.

Additionally, Ontology has established two groups to guide the growth of the blockchain, Ontology Advisors Group (OAG) and Ontology Global Capital (OGC). OAG will focus on strategies and industry guidance to promote the development of the OOA program and global growth of the ecosystem. OGC will comprise itself of a high-caliber “blockchain ecosystem investment team” to allocate ecosystem funds.

More information about the OOA program, as well as open online applications to the public, will be released through the Ontology website in July of 2018.

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