Guardian Circle has announced the launch of version 3.0 of its iOS and Android application, the addition of new members to its advisory board, and its participation at the upcoming NeoFest event in Singapore.

Guardian Circle, a decentralized emergency response service, was founded in 2016 and conducted its public token sale in March 2018. Its community emergency response network is intended for use in cases such as personal injury, harassment, or medical emergency. The apps native token, GUARD, is used to reward a pre-selected pool of friends, family, neighbors, and community members who respond to an event.

The Guardian Circle network aims to support public and private alerts for a variety of situations such as natural disasters, fires, no service/rural areas, women’s safety, neighborhood watch, added protection, campuses, developing world countries with limited citizen protection, and eldercare.

Initially, Guardian Circle 3.0 was slated to launch in Q1 2019, but the team met a series of delays following a downturn in the market and a decision to re-write the application in Google Flutter.

In a conversation with Neo News Today, Guardian Circle CEO and founder, Mark Jeffrey said,

Over the last year, our product and engineering teams have been working tirelessly to rebuild Guardian Circle from scratch. The new mobile app runs on an entirely new code base, is remarkably fast, and redefines access to safety for family and loved ones. It comes with a whole new look and feel.

Guardian Circle 3.0

Guardian Circle 3.0 is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play store. The application includes a cryptocurrency wallet, which can be used to store, earn, and reward NEP-5 GUARD tokens. Within the app, GUARD tokens are sent to users by selecting a name and avatar image in the user’s contact list, instead of a public key.

Along with 3.0, the Guardian Circle Open API is also accessible, which allows hardware manufacturers to connect any device to the Guardian Circle network by staking GUARD tokens. Hardware devices associated with medical alert systems can then be paired with Guardian Circle accounts and generate alerts on behalf of users.

There is no cost to download the Guardian Circle iOS version or Android version of the application.

Walkthrough of Guardian Circle 3.0:

Advisory Board

Guardian Circle has also expanded its advisory team, adding former and current Uber team members, Chris Nakutis Taylor and Guido Gabrielli. The pair bring more than 15 years of experience in growing a service across international borders.

With Taylor’s and Gabrielli’s experience launching Uber products in several countries, Guardian Circle aims to foster more regional connections across the globe.

Guardian Circle presenting at NeoFest

Guardian Circle will be among seven Neo ecosystem partners to participate in NeoFest, a conference-style event in Singapore that will showcase seven projects and partners within the Neo ecosystem. Neo Global Development (NGD) is hosting the NeoFest event in coordination with Blockshow, where NGD is also a sponsor for the technology roadshow taking place on November 14th and 15th.

Speaking with NNT, Jeffrey said:

Guardian Circle is very honored to be asked to share a stage with Da Hongfei and John Wang as well as several other exciting and solid projects in the Neo EcoSystem. We all selected Neo to build our projects on because it really is the most developer-friendly blockchain. We could not have achieved anywhere near what we did in so short a time on any other platform.

The other ecosystem participants include Novem Gold, CryptoFast, Onchain Custodian, OnTrade, Liquefy, and Higgs.

Additionally, Jeffrey will be presenting at the America Blockchain Summit taking place on November 7th and 8th in Panama City, Panama. His presentation is entitled “How Blockchain is Transforming Government and Community Emergency Response.”

Next Steps

Guardian Circle intends to integrate support for multiple languages, with up to ten in the current iteration of the plan. The first to languages to receive support are Spanish and Portuguese.