The first five HashPuppies NFTs ever created are up for auction on the Ethereum-based OpenSea platform. The proceeds will go toward restarting HashPuppies development and migrating the contract from Neo Legacy to N3. Once the new HashPuppies smart contract on N3 is live, users can transfer their NFT from OpenSea to the Neo blockchain. HashPuppies lead developer Joe Stewart (aka Hal0x2328 in the Neo community) said:

The new native oracle system on Neo N3 means a smart contract on N3 can read the transaction history on other blockchains. So, when the time comes it will be possible to migrate an ERC-721 token to Neo N3 by the owner burning it on the Ethereum blockchain, then that transaction can be used to authorize minting the same token in the corresponding contract on N3.

HashPuppies, founded in 2017, is a crypto-collectible game that issues unique virtual puppies in the form of NFTs on the Neo blockchain. Each puppy has its own genetic code that defines its appearance and personality. These traits can be inherited through a breeding process, including the possibility of mutations that allow new characteristics.

In January 2018, Redeemable HashPuppies Tokens were airdropped to Neo wallets that held 99 NEO or less. In Summer 2019, HashPuppies released the RHT mini-game, which allowed users to trade RHT for a unique HashPuppy on the Neo blockchain. However, the 2018/19 bear market impacted the funding for the development of HashPuppies, which forced a hiatus on the project. In the time since, Stewart has been active on the development channels of Neo’s official Discord server.

Looking forward, Stewart said, “[Users] can purchase a HashPuppy on the Ethereum blockchain now and transfer it to the Neo N3 blockchain after the MainNet is released and the new HashPuppies smart contract is deployed.”

The full announcement can be found at the link below: