HashPuppies recently held a survey-contest among its community, asking members what specific points of interest pertaining to the broader ecosystem they’re interested in learning about. Crystal Street, Director of Communications of Splyse (HashPuppies parent company), stated, “one of [Splyse’s] missions is to educate” and wanted to hear about topics of particular interest from the community. The survey-contest was live for six days, from May 2 through May 7, and garnered 138 individuals to respond.

Multiple choice answers were used for responses, as well as the opportunity to write in more substantive answers. The top three areas of interest included the NEO blockchain in general (84.4% responded), the smart economy in general (68.1% responded), and the potential impact blockchain can have on human rights or social issues (50% responded).

Many participants asked about the broad impact of blockchain and the range of opportunities it may enable in the future. Additionally, a large portion of users expressed a need for a more digestible way to learn about blockchain and the smart economy.

The development team was also asked how HashPuppies, and similar games, might shift the paradigm of gaming towards decentralization. Particularly, how decentralization might influence the ways in which communities are built around a game.

The survey also revealed how the community consumes information about NEO and blockchain in general. 33% of participants indicated that they use YouTube as their primary content source, with Steemit coming a close second at 32.6%. Whitepapers, Twitter, and Discord were also reported as popular sources of information.

Splyse will publish content in the coming months aiming to provide answers to the community’s questions, and facilitate conversations surrounding these points of interest. The goal of the initiative is to help provide opportunity through education for those who are eager to participate in the NEO ecosystem, with an emphasis on a less technical, more practical approach to understanding the NEO smart economy.

Survey-contest participants were rewarded with a Redeemable HashPuppy Token (RHT), which can be traded for a collectible HashPuppy character upon launch. The HashPuppies smart contract has been deployed to the NEO TestNet and is currently in closed alpha testing. The HashPuppies MainNet launch is scheduled for late August of 2018.

Splyse to launch MCT incubator program

In addition, Splyse plans on launching an MCT incubator program in the near future. The program will support the NEO development communities efforts to build a robust Smart Economy. If you’d like to learn more about MCT, you can go to the Master Contract Token Discord and talk directly with the Splyse team at https://discord.gg/vrA8tcq.

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