NewEconoLabs (NEL) are hosting the first NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition with support from NEO Global Development. NEL are a Chinese based community development group who aim to support the development of the NEO ecosystem. ¥3,500,000 worth of GAS prizes are up for grabs across 39 awards. NEL hope the competition will help to foster a vibrant blockchain gaming community.

The competition calls for participants to develop games using the NEO blockchain. NEO has many features that make it suitable for game development, including fast transaction times and support of digital assets.

In order for submissions to be eligible, they need to place virtual assets and game behaviour data (such as results) on the blockchain, and include some game logic in smart contracts.

Registrations opened on May 1st and close on August 15th. Judges include Erik Zhang, co-founder and core developer of NEO, Jason Liu, founder of NewEconoLabs and Tony Gu, founding partner of NEO Global Capital, amongst others.

39 awards are up for grabs. These are:

Best Game Award – ¥800,000

The game the delivers the overall best experience across all creative and technical fields, including: content, player experience, artistic design, blockchain integration, and profitability.

Blockchain Award – ¥500,000

The game that best integrates blockchain into its product design and player experience.

Art Award – ¥500,000

The game with the highest overall artistic value, including its design and animation, visual experience, and its narrative development.

Game Creativity Award – ¥200,000

The game with the most creative vision and innovation in game direction and design.

Most Popular Award – ¥200,000

In July, submitted works will be available to users who will vote on their favorite games. This award goes to the game with the most user votes.

Business Value Award – ¥200,000

The game that generates the most income running on Testnet.

Visual Effects Award – ¥200,000

The game with the most outstanding, creative, and technical visual effects.

Design Effects Award – ¥200,000

The game that excels in the in-game design of one or multiple systems, not considering its integration with blockchain.

Technical Effects Award – ¥200,000

The game that best applies blockchain technology.

Excellence Award – ¥30,000 (10 winners)

Outstanding games that achieved excellent scores in other categories but did not win a major prize.

Finalist Award – ¥10,000 (20 winners)

Games that achieved good scores in other categories but did not win a major prize.

To register for the competition, participants will need to visit and complete the registration form. All submissions must include access to a working version of the game for judging, smart contract code shared through GitHub, and five screenshots and a video explaining the game.

Full information on all rules and requirements can be found at

More information on NewEconoLabs can be found at the links below.