Red Pulse, a market intelligence platform covering China’s financial and capital markets, has posted its weekly report. The report covers everything Red Pulse has been working on over the last week, including their upcoming events, a partnership announcement, and a Spotcoin airdrop for Red Pulse token holders.

Red Pulse’s open research ecosystem will connect industry experts and professionals in China to share their views and analysis to a global audience. The ecosystem will help open the Chinese market up for investment and industry participation, as it remains difficult for outsiders to understand. Red Pulse will help bridge this information gap by making it easy for professionals to share their thoughts, information, and research on China’s capital markets, facilitated by Red Pulse’s RPX tokens.

The RPX token will power Red Pulse’s content production, distribution, and consumption platform. The end goal is to use RPX tokens to incentivize users to interact with the platform, thus creating a global community of participants who will also benefit from the rise of China’s economy.

All RPX token holders are eligible to receive SPOT tokens until Sunday, May 20th. SPOT tokens are the internal currency of Spotcoin, a new exchange and over-the-counter clearing house for fiat and cryptocurrency. Spotcoin is based on NEO which uses SPOT as its utility token. 

To receive SPOT tokens, you are required to have non-exchange wallet, as well as follow the instructions and other requirements of the airdrop promotion that can be read here.

To extend the ecosystem’s influence throughout East Asia, Red Pulse has also partnered with True Blocks, a South-Korean community for the development, marketing, and growth acceleration of the Korean blockchain market. TrueBlocks is working to develop the Korean community on Kakao, as well as host events throughout the country. As South Korea is a major blockchain and cryptocurrency market, the goal of the partnership is to grow Red Pulse’s brand awareness and expand its presence in South Korea.

Red Pulse has also been active in Hong Kong, with CEO Jonathan Ha’s attendance at the Block O2O Blockchain Summit in Hong Kong on May 8. Ha was a keynote speaker at the event and provided insights about utilizing the new token economy.

Red Pulse will continue its tour around Central Asia with the Astana Economic Forum held in Kazakhstan, May 17th. The forum is one of the largest business events in Eurasia. Jonathan will be on a panel of speakers titled, “A New Image of Financial Exchange: How Financial Platforms are Transforming.”

You can read more details about the event here.

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