Humswap is airdropping limited Ant NFTs to NeoVerse and BOWL holders following a snapshot that will be taken at 3:00 a.m. (UTC) on Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021. Each Ant NFT will be accompanied by an additional NFT that will grant royalties on future sales of its corresponding Ant. CANDY tokens will also be included in the airdrop.

Ant NFTs

Ant NFTs are intended to pay homage to Neo’s history and will feature the token symbol ANS as a throwback to Neo’s original Antshares name and token. Ants will be an algorithmically generated collection of Ant based art which can only be obtained as part of the airdrop. No more Ant will be minted after the event.

ANS concept art. Source: Humswap

Ant Perpetuity NFTs

In addition to each Ant NFT, a corresponding Ant Perpetuity NFT will be also minted and distributed, granting owners 1.5% of all future sales of its linked Ant NFT. These tokens will have the ticker symbol ANC as a reference to GAS’s symbol under Antshares. If the owner chooses to sell their ANC token, the new owner will be entitled to future royalties generated by the linked Ant NFT.

Airdrop eligibility

In order to receive ANS and ANC tokens, users must hold at least one Humswap BOWL and one Neoverse series N-, E-, or O-series NFT at the time of the snapshot. Tokens will be distributed according to the number of Neoverse NFTs and BOWLs held as follows:

  • 1 BOWL NFT + 1 Neoverse N-, E-, or O-Series NFT = 1 ANC, 1 ANS
  • 2 BOWL NFT + 1 Neoverse N-, E-, or O-Series NFT = 2 ANC, 2 ANS
  • 3 BOWL NFT + 1 Neoverse N-, E-, or O-Series NFT = 3 ANC, 3 ANS
  • 4 BOWL NFT + 1 Neoverse N-, E-, or O-Series NFT = 4 ANC, 4 ANS
  • 5 BOWL NFT + 1 Neoverse N-, E-, or O-Series NFT = 5 ANC, 5 ANS

Users with multiple Neoverse NFTs and BOWLs do not need to separate their tokens into multiple wallets to receive the full value of the airdrop.

Neo Candy Airdrop

Humswap will also be airdropping CANDY to all BOWL holders. CANDY is a community developed token designed to reward people for interacting with dApps in the Neo ecosystem.

The Neo Candy team has contributed 1,000,000 CANDY for Humswap to distribute. The CANDY distribution rate will later be calculated according to the number of eligible addresses. Once the eligible addresses are determined, CANDY will be distributed at a 1:1 ratio for BOWL holders and a 2:1 ratio for BOWL and Neoverse Series NFT holders.

All aforementioned airdrops are tentatively expected to occur in Q1 2022.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: