AxLabs has released the latest version of neow3j, v3.14.0, bringing the toolkit up to date with the latest changes in Neo v3.1.0. The update brings improvement to the test framework, script builder enhancements, and bug fixes.

The neow3j test framework was first released as part of v3.13.1 in October. Since then, devpack-test has received support for compiling, deploying, and testing multiple contracts, a fast-forwarding feature, and placeholder string substitution. The team also decoupled devpack-test from Neo Express, enabling developers to use other Neo blockchain implementations to run their tests on.

Several new pieces of functionality were added as part of the changes made for compatibility with the most recent Neo core release. Examples include new RPC methods to work with the NFT token tracker module and support for the new PACKMAP/PACKSTRUCT opcodes.

AxLabs made it possible for developers to chain custom contract invocation scripts in a single transaction using the new extendScript method on the TransactionBuilder. On the compile side, the team added support for multi-dimensional arrays, integers as keys in Storage methods, and a memcpy helper method for copying data from a one buffer or byte string to another.

Developers can get started with the latest changes by viewing the included code examples.

The full changelog can be found at the following link: