Imusify, a blockchain based music platform, has announced the private sale of its IMU tokens, along with its public pre-sale starting July 1st.

Imusify was awarded second place in City of Zion’s first NEO dApp comp, and introduced the project at the inaugural NEO DevCon event held in San Francisco. Imusify aims to provide a secure system for artists to earn income and enable new engagement opportunities with their fans.

Since first introducing the project, Imusify has evolved to include several protocol layers for digital assets, digital identities, and smart contracts. The goal is to create a smart economy for music that can grow rapidly, while providing artists inalienable rights to their music. The digital rights management layer will exist separately to the NEO blockchain, allowing for more flexibility for artists and other users.

The IMU NEP-5 utility token will serve as Imusify’s internal currency for engagements between its users and stakeholders, such as purchases, streams, downloads, shares and likes. IMU tokens will be used in conjunction with a protocol layer that supports fiat currencies.

The private sale of IMU has begun, with a public pre-sale planned for July 1st. Participants of the private sale will receive a 50% discount on IMU tokens, while participants of the public pre-sale will receive a 30% discount. A main token sale will be held with a tiered discount structure beginning at 12% and decreasing to 0%. Those interested in participating in the private sale, can apply for whitelisting here.

Imusify plan to list IMU on numerous exchanges following the token sale, and tokens at any stage of the sale are not vested and can be traded freely. The first version of the Imusify platform is scheduled for released towards the end of the year, which could allow IMU holders to realize the token’s purpose as a utility.

More information on Imusify can be found at the links below, or you can listen to the Imusify interview on the NEO News Today Podcast here.