Switcheo, the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on NEO, has provided further details on the release of their Public Beta V2 platform. The details were provided in Switcheo’s weekly round-up post.

Version 2 of the Switcheo Public Beta exchange is now accessible on NEO TestNet. To access the platform, users will require a wallet for testing purposes, which can be created with Neon Wallet or NEOTracker. Users can then visit the Beta exchange, switch from MainNet to TestNet and receive TestNet tokens via a faucet for testing purposes.

The Beta trading platform can be accessed at – https://beta.switcheo.exchange

Switcheo has also announced an ETA for the MainNet release, due on May 18th. The release of the MainNet will coincide with additional token listings on the exchange. Before the second MainNet release, Switcheo will freeze trading, during which standing offers and tokens can be withdrawn and moved to the new smart contract. The team will be announcing more details during this process so that users can have minimal interruptions in their trading.

As a way of rewarding their community, Switcheo has joined two airdrop campaigns: SpotCoin and Travala.com (formerly Concierge.io). The dates and requirements to receive these tokens can be found on their respective announcements.

In the coming week, Switcheo will focus on improving its mobile user experience and testing the new trading system, as well as some architecture and infrastructure improvements. Switcheo will improve its data logging, monitoring, and off-chain redundancy, to prepare for an anticipated a growth in traffic. These improvements will help prevent downtime when Switcheo’s new blockchain integrations come online.

More information on Switcheo can be found at the below links.