On May 8th, Spotcoin announced they will be conducting an airdrop of 400,000 SPOT tokens to holders of EFX, QLC, RPX and SWH. Spotcoin is an over the counter clearing house between crypto and fiat currencies, and is building a digital exchange in Georgia. The airdrop is being held to “promote liquidity” of the SPOT token, for which Spotcoin is holding an upcoming token sale.

To participate in the airdrop, users will be required to complete three steps:

  1. Join the Spotcoin Telegram group – https://t.me/spotcointeam.
  2. Go to spotcoin.com and register or login to account.
  3. Fill out the pop-up with Telegram name and the NEO address where Effect.ai (EFX), Switcheo Network (SWH), Red Pulse (RPX), or Qlink (QLC) tokens are held.

Each token will have its own airdrop, and the above process will need to be completed for each distribution. There are 100,000 SPOT allocated to each airdrop available on a first come first serve basis, with a week long window for registration. The registration windows, allocations and payouts can be found below. Windows will open at 6pm (GMT +4) on their respective registration dates.

SPOT coins will be delivered to the same NEO address provided in the pop-up upon completion of a third party post-token sale audit. Spotcoin recommend the O3 or NEON wallets for participation.

Multiple airdrops can be participated in, although residents and citizens of the United States prohibited from taking part.

Pre Token-Sale

Spotcoin are also holding a pre-token sale for contributors who would like to participate in the private sale, but found the threshold of entry was “too high”. The pre-token sale was scheduled to begin on May 1st, but was delayed due to a vulnerability discovered in a third party payment processor. The new date is still to be confirmed.

The pre-token sale has no lock up period and will be capped at USD $1 million with tokens priced at USD $0.40.

More information on Spotcoin can be found at the below links.