On May 4, 2018, Orbis released an update highlighting recent progress of the Bluetooth-based mesh networking platform.

Orbis is a open network of Bluetooth communities that aims to make integration easily accessible for third-party developers working with internet of things (IoT), crowd-gathered data, logistics, and system management.

Token Sale, Bounty Program and Airdrop

The Orbis token sale ended on March 31, after the soft cap was reached. The Orbis airdrop registration has also closed, and the tokens will be delivered to participants once a stable airdrop distribution script has been developed.

In addition to the token sale and airdrop, the Orbis team has concluded their bounty program, and distributed the allocations to those who successfully participated.

Orbis for Enterprise

Orbis have announced “Orbis for Enterprise,” designed to provide solutions for industry and enterprise. The Orbis team plan to target enterprise through a mesh topology and software development kit (SDK) that can be customized for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

The enterprise solutions will provide cheap, robust, and rapidly deployable network that can be tailored to fit the needs of municipalities, business, and individuals.

Orbis and SMART City Solutions

Orbis is entering the SMART City market by developing an industrial application for parking infrastructure. The SMART Parking application will leverage proximity sensors with bluetooth-based low energy mesh solutions.

The mesh network platform also seeks to enter the agriculture and irrigation sector by incorporating temperature and rain/humidity sensors. This information collected could potentially be used to automate municipal watering processes based on IoT data.

Supply chain management is another targeted sector, where Orbis’ platform can target inventory control, loss control, and supply chain optimization. These sector targets will increase operational efficiencies and revenue through improved vendor relations, forecasting and inventory, connected fleets, and scheduled maintenance.

The development team is currently constructing microcontrollers (MCUs) to support light-weight operating systems that will interact with SMART Parking, Agriculture and Irrigation, and Supply Chain Management applications.

Moving Forward

The Orbis legal team is preparing an audit and review of exchanges, and is working with exchanges to ensure the Orbis token (OBT) is in full compliance with all relevant jurisdictions.

More information on Orbis can be found at the links below.