The Inst.Money fiat on- and off-ramp recently launched and is offering support for N3 NEO. Currently, users can buy and sell USDT and NEO directly through the platform using USD or EURO.

There are two ways to buy NEO through Inst.Money. First is the Fast Buy option, the platform’s payment gateway with lower fees and minimal KYC requirements. Developers can also integrate the Fast Buy option API into their apps. The second method is through third parties (i.e., Simplex, Moon Pay), which also support more cryptocurrencies but require more user information and might have higher fees.

About Inst.Money

Inst.Money is a financial service that allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies and offers cryptocurrency-backed credit cards. The team is spread across Singapore and mainland China, and the platform is a Principal Member of the Visa/MasterCard network. Principal Members include financial institutions authorized to offer credit cards and transaction processing services.

The Inst.Money platform offers business partners and retail users debit and credit card services. In a conversation with Neo News Today, a spokesperson said physical plastic and metal credit and debit cards are available for business partners and they’ve distributed tens of thousands of cards to date. In contrast, only virtual prepaid and credit cards are available for retail users at this time.

The Inst.Money team is seeking to collaborate with more cryptocurrency and blockchain entities. Examples include wallets, exchanges, token issuers, and other dApps.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: