TOTHEMOON is preparing to launch token minting for Waxing Crescent, the second phase of Cycle 1. Opening at 5:00 p.m. (UTC) on May 17, the Mint Launch has a token supply of 2800 NFTs, consisting of 2500 Cryptonauts, 200 Moon Trainers, and 100 Moon Babies.

Users can participate by minting an NFT for 15 GAS. Unlike past mint events, Waxing Crescent uses a single mint button, giving users a 10% chance to mint a Moon Trainer or Baby. Minting will launch on the TOTHEMOON website, offering support for the Neon, NeoLine, O3, and OneGate wallets.

Following the mint, approximately 5,000 2nd Generation Moon Creatures will be randomly airdropped to holders of 1st Generation Creatures. Additional airdrops will also be conducted, including TTM Tokens and Items to Waxing Crescent Character holders, and Moon Devices to holders of Cryptonauts with the appropriate Origin Attributes.

More information about the Waxing Crescent Mint can be found on the original announcement: