The Tribeca Film Festival recently screened ‘Shadow Brother Sunday’, the directorial debut of Alden Ehrenreich. The short filmĀ provided Ehrenreich, known for his acting roles in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘ and ‘Cocaine Bear‘, an opportunity to transition into directing under the guidance of executive producer Francis Ford Coppola.

The movie was co-sponsored by Neo, and featured an afterparty event hosted by COZ. This event was highlighted by a charity auction featuring unique physical NFT memorabilia from the film, minted on the Neo blockchain. Attendees were granted the opportunity to engage in the auction through the use of OneBand ring technology.

Dylan Grabowski, an editor at NNT, was present at the event and conducted interviews with various cast members and attendees. A selection of these conversations can be found below:

Alden Ehrenreich

Dylan speaks with Alden Ehrenreich about his move into directing and alternate avenues of financing film projects.

Kevin Fonteyne

Dylan speaks with Shadow Brother Sunday ensemble cast member Kevin Fonteyne who shares his insights on acting in an increasingly interconnected world and his view on blockchain technology.

Owen Williams

Dylan speaks with Owen Williams, a producer and cryptocurrency enthusiast, who discusses using a OneBand for the first time to bid on non-fungible movie memorabilia.