DogeRift has announced the beta release of its game client for Android devices, with iOS support planned for the near future. The team also shipped a new game update, providing a friend list feature, new football stadiums, and various other improvements.

The Android beta game client includes a user interface specifically designed for mobile devices. Significant effort has been dedicated in recent weeks to optimizing the game’s performance, particularly on mobile, ensuring a seamless user experience across different platforms.

Patch v1.2.0, deployed soon after the Android version, introduces the friend list feature. This allows players to see which of their contacts are online and their current game mode. The patch also includes bug fixes, notably correcting an issue with energy cost display on chests in Adventure mode. Quality of life improvements, such as the addition of button sounds for in-game menus, were also included.

Two new football stadiums, each with unique themes and music, were introduced in the patch for the football game mode. Additional updates planned by the DogeRift team include more maps for Parkour and Adventure modes, automatic wallet registration, and private football seasons.

Users can read the full announcements by visiting the DogeRift Discord server: