General Updates

Neo Global Development announced that Perlin Finance will join the next installment of Neo Live on Telegram to discuss the launch of the forthcoming lending protocol on Neo. Participants will have the opportunity to share from a prize pool of 100 USDT. The discussion is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, June 20.

Flamingo released information on the top tokens by trading volume for the 23rd week of 2023, which noted approximately US $3.7 million in bNEO, $2.7 million in FLM, and $2.2 million in fUSDT.

GhostMarket hosted a Twitter Spaces with Frank Coin’s founder to discuss the forthcoming role-playing game being built on Neo.

NNT Catch Up

Neo recently had a footprint at Tribeca Film Festival at the premiere of ‘Shadow Brother Sunday,’ the directorial debut of Alden Ehrenreich. The movie was co-sponsored by Neo and featured an afterparty event hosted by COZ. This event was highlighted by a charity auction featuring unique physical non-fungible item memorabilia from the film minted on the Neo blockchain. Attendees were granted the opportunity to engage in the auction using OneBand ring technology. NNT was present at the event and interviewed various cast members and attendees.

Neo recently confirmed its attendance at this year’s TOKEN2049, taking place in Singapore on Sep. 13 and 14 at Marina Bay Sands. Neo will host a booth at the event, providing an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the blockchain platform and ecosystem. Neo’s branding will also be visible throughout the venue. Further, Neo founder Da Hongfei will be on stage, following his keynote address at the 2022 TOKEN2049 conference.

Forthewin Network began testing its bridging solution as a core component of its planned expansion to blockchain networks adopting the Ethereum VM. The FTW Bridge will launch with Neo and Polygon support to power ftwNEO, a wrapped bNEO asset with NEP rewards. Polygon is the first EVM-compatible blockchain to be integrated with Forthewin products; however, others may be supported in the future.


June 20: Perlin Finance Neo Live on the official Neo Telegram channel.
June 27: Flamingo hosting Community Lagoon on the official Discord server