Neo Global Development will host Perlin Finance co-founder Jung Kim (aka 0xSeoul) on the next installment of Neo Live. The conversation will focus on the forthcoming launch of the lending protocol on Neo. Participants will have the opportunity to share from a prize pool of 100 USDT. The discussion is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, June 20.

Perlin seeks to build a decentralized money market that will allow users to earn interest on their cryptocurrencies. According to the Perlin team, the protocol creates a more efficient system by using algorithm-based interest rates, drawing inspiration from established pool-based lending platforms such as Compound and Aave. The Perlin team is based out of Korea and brings experience from DeFi protocols like RomeDAO and KlimaDAO, as well as renowned tech companies Toss and Samsung.

Though a relatively new project to the Neo ecosystem, Jung Kim represented Perlin with a project pod at April’s Consensus 2023 held in Austin, Texas. Kim was among the many guests featured on a special Smart Economy Podcast episode dedicated to Neo’s footprint at the conference.

At the time of press, there is no concrete date Perlin will be available on MainNet, but Kim has previously alluded to a potential June 2023 launch.

Neo Live is an AMA-style community event that seeks to connect the Neo community with NGD core teams, ecosystem projects, the Neo developer community, and blockchain leaders to learn about the latest technological developments and industry insights.

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