Jarvis+ has published its weekly report, which covers the period of November 11th to December 2nd. The latest report from the platform focuses on the progress it made in research and development as well as its continuing operations.

Jarvis+ claims to be changing how people interact with the blockchain by making it easier to use with natural languages. As a “decentralized service-as-a-conversation” platform, Jarvis+ allows for the creation of AI conversation bots that can be embedded in applications and websites, programmed through the platform’s in-house smart contract tool.

In the report, Jarvis+ claim the platform’s machine learning cluster was completed, as well as its virtual dialog. One of the platform’s core features, the auto bot creation system, also entered its functional testing phase.

Furthermore, the team went through a round of bug testing. Five functional bugs and seven experiential bugs were found based on test results.

Other items included the virtual KOL corpus collection and process testing, which will enter the demand analysis and engineering design phase, as well as finalizing the Telegram daily check-in function.


Besides development, Jarvis+ also reminded readers of its numerous games and bots that currently run in the platform’s Telegram channels. These games can be played for free to earn token rewards and make use of its “decentralized service-as-a-conversation” platform.

There are now three different games available for users to play: the Group Quiz game, UEFA Champion League and Daily Check-In. Each game has its own rules and incentives that showcase the platform’s capabilities.

The Group Quiz Game can be played here in the platform’s dedicated Telegram channel. The Group Quiz allows users to create their own quizzes and answer questions to earn rewards in JAR.

While the UEFA Champion League can be accessed here. This game is a fantasy sports game with betting mechanics, allowing users to earn both ETH and JAR. Users bet tokens on the outcome of matches and win prizes if their wagers are correct. A set of rules for the game can be read here.

Finally, the Daily Check-in game is played through the platform’s main Telegram channel here. As an apparent effort to encourage engagement with the group’s Telegram community, users can earn rewards in JAR by “checking in” to the channel and answering daily questions. Each correct answer earns the user points which are redeemable for tokens.

The full report can be found at the below link: