Online travel booking marketplace, Travala, has expanded its worldwide offerings by announcing two partnerships with the Latin American lodging wholesaler HotelDo, and the Indian lodging supplier GRNConnect. The news, which follows Travala’s recent partnership with Hotelbeds, the world’s largest lodging wholesaler, is designed to increase Travala’s worldwide coverage, and help meet the goal of offering 1.5 million bookable properties on its upcoming beta platform. Travala’s beta is scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2019.

HotelDo Strategic Partnership

Travala claims that HotelDo is “the online travel wholesale leader in Latin America” with a portfolio of 100,000. 10,000 of these hotels are “directly contracted” hotels, which provide “the best rates and availability.” Travala aims to offer an average of 15 percent discount in the Latin American region compared to its online competition.

GRNConnect Strategic Partnership

Travala’s partnership with Indian wholesaler GRNConnect gives them access to a portfolio of 500,000 hotels “with a very strong presence” in India. GRNConnect also gives access to “transfers and sightseeing tours,” categories which Travala plans to offer in the future.

Travala’s continuously updated roadmap for the fourth quarter of 2018 can be viewed here:

The full announcements of the HotelDo and GRNConnect partnerships may be viewed through the following links: