The decentralized conversation-as-a-service platform Jarvis+ has published its weekly report detailing recent progress. Jarvis+ also announced the launch of its new Grouplus AI bot, which combines artificial intelligence, deep learning, and big data for automated community management.

Grouplus Launch

Announced on December 25th, users of Grouplus can deploy it as a service on most social media and instant messaging channels such as Telegram, WeChat, Discord, Skype and others. Once live, the bot claims to engage with the user’s audience via natural conversation as if they were speaking with a real human. Through the use of AI and machine learning algorithms, the bot’s actions and responses can be refined over time to meet the needs of its community.

Data from the bot can also be warehoused and used for analysis. The service includes a topic analysis module for operators to see trends in what is being spoken about in their communities, as well as sentiment analysis to get a feel for the mood of their subscribers (on a negative to positive scale).

Finally, the service also integrates with other blockchain services and tools such as smart contracts, token price queries, and can be used as a trading assistant.

A table of the bot’s features, supported social networks, and value-added services can be seen here in the platform’s original announcement.

Jarvis+ is offering Grouplus on a free trial basis and can be accessed here.

Development and Operations

Besides the platform’s Grouplus announcement, the report also contained a list of minor changes and upgrades the team made to its primary platform.

Jarvis+ finished the functional prototyping of its virtual KOL and a list of bugs were found and fixed after testing.

Some progress was also made on its FAQ bot, with the Chinese version reportedly being completed last week.

The existing bots and games such as the Group Quiz and the Daily Check-in are still operational. For using these services, players stand the chance to win points that are redeemable for Jarvis+ JAR tokens.