NEO Name Service (NNS), a domain name service for wallet addresses on the NEO blockchain, has announced an awards promotion for the “Domain of the Year.” The “Domain of the Year” consists of two awards, which will be selected by community voting. NEO Name Service is a project of NewEconoLabs, a Chinese community development group.

“Most Wanted Domain” Awards

NNS is offering a prize of 2,000 NNC tokens for the five top domain names in the “Most Wanted” category. The category is meant for voting on .neo domains “that you want most” no matter what the cost might be.

“Most Cost-Effective Domain” Awards

Another 2,000 NNC tokens will be awarded to the top five finishers in the “cost-effective domain” category. This category is meant for domains that voters think are “worth buying at this selling price.”

“Lucky Voters” and “Lucky Domain Names” Awards

20 “lucky voters” who voted for an award-winning domain will be selected at random to receive a bonus of 800 NNC tokens each. In addition, five domain names that were nominated, but did not receive an award, will be drawn at random to receive an 800 NNC bonus.

In order to be considered for the competition, .neo domain name owners will need to list their domain on the NNS decentralized exchange. Up to three domains are valid per user. After joining the NNS Telegram group, contestents will need to submit a “domain name screenshot” proving ownership, as well as another .neo domain name mapped to their own wallet address, to be eligible to receive the NNC awards.

Voting will begin on December 29th, 2018.

The full “Domain of the Year” announcement can be viewed at the following link: