Alchemint, who recently launched its SDUSD dollar-pegged stablecoin, has announced a special offer for NEO DevCon tickets. Alchemint is offering 30 tickets to NEO’s upcoming DevCon in exchange for 119 SDUSD (the equivalent of $119 USD).

How to Buy

Alchemint requests that purchasers email them first with the NEO address they will be purchasing from, before sending their SDUSD to Alchemint’s payment address. Alchemint will reply to emails with a redemption code for the DevCon ticket “within 48 hours” of the SDUSD transfer. Further details for interested buyers are available in Alchemint’s ticket sale announcement.

Alchemint’s SDUSD token is currently available on Switcheo Exchange in its new NEO/SDUSD market.

NEO’s second annual DevCon is scheduled for February 16th-17th, 2019, in Seattle, USA.

Alchemint’s full annoucement containing detailed purchase instructions can be viewed at the following link: