Jarvis+ has announced a free two-month trial for Grouplus, its artificial intelligence (AI) community management bot. While the bot has compatibility with chat platforms such as QQ, WeChat, Discord, and Skype, the free trial is only applicable to the Telegram application.

Grouplus was announced in December 2018 and seeks to “engage with the user’s audience via natural conversation as if they were speaking with a real human.” Jarvis+ claims that the use of AI and machine learning algorithms enables the bot’s actions and responses to be refined over time to meet the needs of its community.

The free trial version offers support to help grow and research social media community groups. Grouplus “value-added services” include solutions such as group statistics, public sentiment analyses, data analyses, and topic analyses. Through the use of AI-enhanced statistics, Grouplus claims to accurately “find out where…users are” and help managers become key opinion leaders (KOL).

Grouplus also incorporates AI processes into its smart assistant, which utilizes a smart reply function, as well as an FAQ, to provide the most common answers for frequently asked questions.

Lastly, Grouplus incorporates “gamification operations,” which includes group text messaging, voting, daily check-ins, and group games.

The Grouplus trial can be found at the following link: