TOTHEMOON INC. is creating NFTs that offer utility beyond their intrinsic value as collectible pieces of art. The project was an Excellence award winner in the recent Neo Frontier Launchpad with its community-based city-building-style game. TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE is among the first projects launching on the Neo N3 MainNet and will mint hundreds of thousands of NFTs to support the game.

TOTHEMOON is a metaverse that seeks to layer and integrate NFTs in a way that establishes a thriving supply and demand economy. The game will require users to collaborate while individually accumulating characters and items needed to progress.

The Canada-based co-founders, Brandon Sousa and Anthony Bogunovic, drew inspiration for TOTHEMOON through collectible card games like Pokemon and life simulator games like The Sims. The duo seeks to incorporate certain aspects of these games they grew up playing into TOTHEMOON.

Moon Creature

They’re excited to build on Neo, a blockchain project they closely followed since it was known as Antshares.

Attracting New Participants and Giving NFTs Purpose

In a conversation with Neo News Today, Sousa said the team hopes to introduce a fun way for those playing the game to use NFTs while also offering utility beyond their value as collectibles:

One of the major inspirations is creating multiple uses for our collectors, as opposed to just having a piece of digital art that they can look at all day. We want them to actually be able to use it, for it to function, and to bring that into the economy.

Examples of such use cases in TOTHEMOON include:

  • Holding NFTs to receive airdrops
  • Staking to earn rewards
  • Selling, auctioning, and trading NFT collectibles on the in-game marketplace
  • Using NFT collectibles to play mini-games or access virtual events within the metaverse

Characters, buildings, and items in the game are represented by NFTs, which interact and respond to characteristics of other NFTs. For example, a Cryptonaut or Moon Trainer must have a matching personality trait with a Moon Creature in order to catch and collect that creature. Or, acquiring a particular type of building gives a user the points needed to advance a character to its next level of capability.


Items within the game will also offer multiple uses and functions. For example, Sousa and Bogunovic described a fishing rod NFT used for mini-games, which can also be used to stake and earn rewards.

The team ultimately hopes to onboard Neo community members as well as those who have never used cryptocurrencies or blockchain before. They believe that using NFTs and artwork can attract new users to a blockchain in a way that utility tokens might not have. Bogunovic said:

I think it’s a bit easier for an NFT project like TOTHEMOON to attract newer people to jump on board. It’s just easier to show them the artwork and talk about NFT’s than “Get this coin,’ for example. You know? It’s just a number in their wallet, and it’s not relatable to them.

Alongside the NFTs, there is also a NEP-17 TTM token that will be distributed via airdrop, earned in-game, or purchased on an exchange. Eventually, TTM tokens can be used for buying and selling items at the marketplace, betting within the mini-games, repairing or modifying items, purchasing advertising space, entrance to virtual events, and more.

Teamwork Necessary to Progress

While users must individually accumulate items and characters, there is also a communal element necessary to succeed.

Moon Plots are pieces of land on the TOTHEMOON map where buildings are developed. Additionally, players can join a Moon Team via registering their wallets on a Moon Plot.

Game map

When browsing Moon Plots on the map, a user can click each one and view information about team members, infrastructure built on the plot, requirements for buildings, and more.

By collaborating, teams will build the necessary infrastructure and use cumulative experience points to access “The Dark Side of the Moon.” This is an area where Moon Teams can find unique treasure chests that offer TTM tokens, special items, and rare characters.

There will also be a governance process where Moon Plot owners determine how rewards are distributed to community members. However, the governance mechanism has not yet been finalized.

Token Airdrops and Phases

TOTHEMOON INC. intends to release NFTs in various cycles as the gameplay expands. Later cycles will offer new types of NFT airdrops that will serve different purposes as the game evolves.

In Cycle One, 1/3 the total NFT supply and 22.6% of the TTM token supply will be airdropped throughout eight phases. After Cycle One, users will need to earn TTM in the game or acquire it from an exchange.

The first phase is dubbed “The Arrival” and will witness the release of various character types found within the game. Each phase in Cycle One will consist of an airdrop of 50 Cryptonauts, 50 Moon Creatures, 4 Moon Trainers, and 4 Moon Babies, plus additional items, vehicles, infrastructures, and more.

Cycle One

TOTHEMOON INC. has planned additional cycles. However, the airdrop release schedule will differ and there is no further information available at the time of press.

Initially, characters, items, vehicles, and other in-game NFTs will be available for purchase using GAS. After the first cycle is complete, TTM tokens can be used to purchase and sell NFTs on the marketplace.

TOTHEMOON INC. has not announced official airdrop dates for the TTM token or NFTs but intends to do so in the coming weeks. Upon “The Arrival,” TOTHEMOON players can purchase character NFTs on the platform’s marketplace.

TOTHEMOON INC. was recently announced as the first project to be accepted into Neo’s N3 Early Adoption Program and will receive resources and incubation opportunities to accelerate the growth of the NFT gaming project. No launch date for the game itself has yet been announced.

More information about TOTHEMOON can be found at the link below: