Switcheo confirmed in a weekly update that NEO Ledger application v1.3.1 is now available on the Ledger Manager. Upgrading to the new Ledger app will allow users of the Switcheo Exchange to trade directly from their Ledger Nano S upon the release of its UI upgrade on June 12th.

In order to use the Ledger device with the exchange, users will also need to ensure they have upgraded their Ledger firmware to version 1.4.2.

Switcheo will release a guide on how to use the Ledger wallet with their exchange on June 12th.

V2 Launch Event

Switcheo also announced details of its Community Giveaway segment of its V2 Launch Event. The launch events will offer the community the chance to win prizes through a range of different contributions.

The Community Giveaway competitions include:


Create sticker packs and GIFs with Switcheo as the main topic to win one of 10 limited edition, laser-engraved Switcheo Ledger Nano S.


Trade on Switcheo Exchange to win a share of a 1500 GAS prize pool, shared equally amongst eligible traders.


Sign-up to the Switcheo newsletter for a chance to win Switcheo merchandise such as mugs, ledgers, t-shirts, hoodies and mousepads.

Switcheo also teased a “Switcheo Bug Hunt” to help with “a perfect V2 roll-out”, but are yet to release the details.

The competitions will begin upon the launch of the V2 smart contract. For more details on conditions of entry, visit the Medium post below:


In other Switcheo updates, PikcioChain’s PKC token has been added to the exchange.

More information on Switcheo can be found at the links below.